Work with me

I believe that coaching and organizational development should be:

  • Collaborative
  • Tailored to fit you and your organization
  • Sustainable

My approach:

I start by employing active listening. I then tailor my services to meet the needs of you and your organization. My collaborative style and experience allow me to act as a thinking partner to help you develop effective strategies to build and sustain transformation.


Executive Coaching

Are you looking to realize your full potential and drive your organization forward?


As an executive coach, I act as a trusted thought partner to offer a safe, unbiased atmosphere to discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions. I work with leaders, entrepreneurs and founders to set a clear vision and develop a strategy to achieve that vision.

More specifically, I can assist you by:

  • Acting as a trusted advisor and thought partner
  • Identifying gaps between where you are and where you want to be, revealing blind spots, and focusing your energy to achieve your goals and the goals of your organization
  • Developing a strategic plan for you and your contributions to the organization
  • Facilitating one-on-one and group work to enhance leadership and communication skills
  • Identifying stressors and developing strategies to face pressure head on
  • Assisting you in identifying your personal culture
  • Helping you to find your voice and lead from a place of authenticity

“To achieve a goal, you have never achieved before, you must start doing things you have never done before.”

Chris McChesney

Organizational Development

The way people work is quickly changing.

Are you helping your organization navigate change?


By customizing my approach to the specific needs of an organization, I can help you understand and evolve your workplace culture, engage your employees for increased productivity and re-imagine workforce solutions. I facilitate strategic planning sessions and workshops designed to build stronger leaders, improve communication and maximize organizational effectiveness and inclusiveness.

More specifically, I can assist you and your organization by:

  • Developing a culture of intentional communication
  • Helping with strategic and innovation planning
  • Providing ongoing support for the leadership team
  • Developing and implementing a culture architecture
  • Conducting assessments, 360 feedback surveys and environmental scans to better understand team strengths and how to work together
  • Planning and facilitating bespoke workshops to move your organization forward

“Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organization is transformed – the culture reflects the realities of people working together everyday.”

Frances Hesselbein

Heather Speaks

Are you interested in having me facilitate a workshop or speak at your next event?

It is truly remarkable what happens when a group is inspired or has shifts in mindset together. I have an extensive list of topics that I speak about in order to be a catalyst for positive change and growth at the individual and organizational level. I believe that a team, united around the same goals and equipped with the right tools, is much stronger than the sum of its parts. To discuss a topic for your organization or event, please contact me.