About Heather, Founder of Stark Coaching

Hi, I’m Heather,

Helping others succeed is what I loved most about the 25+ years I spent in the corporate world. My vision to do this full time inspired me to found Stark Coaching. 

As a certified Executive Coach, Organizational Development Specialist and Culture Architect, I help leaders and organizations unlock their maximum potential, break through roadblocks and achieve their own vision and goals.

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Work with Stark Coaching


Work with Stark Coaching

I provide coaching and consulting services to a wide range of clients and offer a tailored approach to each individual or team. In a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere, I can help you attain the professional and personal growth you’re striving for and drive business transformation.

Executive Coaching

I help leaders, entrepreneurs and founders set a clear vision, develop a strategy to achieve that vision, and intentionally move forward to reach goals for themselves and their organizations. I help my clients with techniques to maximize their performance and enhance their ability to face pressure head on.

Organizational Development

By customizing my approach to the specific needs of an organisation, I help leaders understand and evolve their workplace culture, improve communication, engage their employees for increased productivity and re-imagine workforce solutions.

The Role of the “Energy Sandwich” in Effective Leadership

What is an energy sandwich?

Over the last two years, leaders have needed to navigate the global pandemic, hybrid work environments and a long overdue focus on diversity and inclusion. Right now, I’m seeing a lot of leaders who are fatigued. As an Executive Coach and Organizational Development Specialist, I’ve been working with many leaders to implement solutions to manage this fatigue. In fact, a concept that I developed years ago is proving to be more valuable than ever when it comes to helping leaders navigate burn-out and have the energy to lead their organizations. This concept is the “energy sandwich.”